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EPPA - European PVC Window Profiles and Related Building Products Association
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The declared product is a single-sash tilt & turn window with the dimensions 1.23 x 1.48 m and insulated triple-glazing. The windows consist of PVC frame profles with a transparent glass filling. A variety of materials are used to reinforce the frame profiles: profiles made from steel or aluminium, polyurethane foam or glass fibre extruded into the PVC-U material.

The surface of the frame can vary in design: laminated with PVC foil, coated with PMMA (polymethyl metha acrylate) or painted. These can produce white or coloured, textured or smooth surfaces.

The seals are made from plasticised PVC, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomers) or TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), the fittings from steel.

For the window a reference service life of 40 years is assumed. The respective useful lives of the components - glazing, seals and fittings - is shorter, however, which means that these will need replacing during the reference service life of the window unit. These planned replacements of individual components are also included in the declared unit.

This EPD does not relate to a specific product from one manufacturer, but confirms the average environmental quality for all PVC-U windows from member companies of the EPPA und QKE associations.

Further specific data can be found in the relevant manufacturer's product description.

Placing on the market within EU/EFTA (with the exception of Switzerland) is subject to the /Construction Products Regulation/ (EU) No. 305/2011. The products must have a declaration of performance compliant with the harmonized product standard /EN14351-1/ and the CE marking. Usage is governed by the relevant national rules.