British Precast Concrete Federation (BPCF)
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Product description:

The product covered in this EPD is a generic tonne of precast concrete paving products. The products covered are blocks, slabs, channels and kerbs. Concrete paving products are made of cement, aggregates, water and (if needed) admixtures.

There are two main manufacturing processes for the paving block, paving flag and kerbs, dependent upon strength requirements. Paving flags can be produced by either casting into flexible silicon rubber or similar moulds or hydraulically pressed into a mould box. Paving blocks and other pressed products tend to be much dryer mixes and are predominantly produced from a blended dry mix. Once demoulded products are loaded into a curing chamber for accelerated curing or moved into the stockyard. Primary data for the production of precast concrete paving products were collected from members of Interpave. This data were used to generate a mass weighted average of production for the EPD.