British Precast Drainage Association (BPDA)

British Precast Concrete Federation (BPCF)
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Product description:
The product covered in this EPD is a generic 1m length of precast DN600 concrete pipe with class B bedding. Precast concrete pipes are made of cement, aggregates, water and (if needed) admixtures. Reinforcing steel is also present in some precast concrete pipes but not the size studied in this EPD.
The pipes covered by this EPD have been manufactured using a cast moulding process in a specialist factory vibration system setting. The instant strip moulds are normally fabricated from steel plates, with fixings such that the mould casings can be easily removed. Once cast the pipes are either steam cured or stored in a warm humid environment to cure, sometimes electrically controlled. Primary data for the production of precast concrete pipes were collected from members of the British Precast Drainage Association (BPDA). These data were used to generate a mass weighted average of production for the EPD.