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Product description:

Onduline Corrugated Bitumen Sheets are for pitched roofs and external walls, consisting of a ho-mogenous base sheet composed of cellulose fiber that is recycled from all sources of waste paper and cardboard. The sheets are pre-pigmented with resin and coloring and impregnated with bitumen, a residue of petroleum refineries, under pressure and heat. This surplus material is used to give the sheet its characteristics of waterproofness. It is produced in a variety of colors. It has large dimensions, lightweight and is easy to install.  

Onduvilla Corrugated Bitumen Tiles are small elements composed of a bitumen saturated reinforcement made of cellulose and mineral fillers, colored on the external size by a coating or a paint system with or without granules or fine flakes. These products have an overall rectangular shape and at least three corrugations. To be named as a corrugated bitumen sheet according to /EN 534:2006+A1:2010 Corrugated bitumen sheets — Product specification and test methods/, a product has to have an overall rectangular shape and at least 3 corrugations.