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Product description:
Within the framework of this EPD, an average slide channel door closer system is declared, based on two models of the integrated ITS 96 door closer series, as averages relating to the product aspects:
·        EN 2-4 / ANSI 1-3
·        EN 3-6 / ANSI 2-5
and one variant of the TS 97 EN 2-4 surface-mounted door closer.
ITS 96 system
The integrated ITS 96 slide channel door closer system is a modular and multifunctional system comprising only with a few door closer models and various slide channels which complies with many functional requirements. Therefore, it is possible to equip doors for a wide variety of applications and in various door situations. Due to the concealed installation of the closer and slide channel, the system is not perceived by the user and therefore offers both visual advantages and protection against vandalism.

TS 97
Unlike the integrated door closers, the TS 97 slide channel door closer model is surface-mounted. The body of the TS 97 is flush with the slide channel and the single-piece face plate reveals neither slots nor fixing points. The end caps are internal and all gap dimensions are extremely reduced.
Visual design options arise from a variety of surface finishes available. The functions of the TS 97 can be adapted individually to the respective door situation and co-ordinated to various requirements.