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Product description:

Insulation boards made of Neopor® Plus BMB are expandable polystyrenes (EPS) with polymer flame retardants (Polymer FR).


“BMB” stands for “Biomass Balance” products. The Biomass Balance method uses renewable raw materials such as bio-naphtha or biogas in the manufacture of chemical base products by the production network of BASF along with fossil raw materials. The organic content is then allocated to certain BASF sales products such as Neopor® Plus BMB granulate in accordance with a certified method /TÜV Süd Standard CMS 71/. BMB products display the same quality as non-BMB products as the product formulation is identical to that of its fossil equivalent.


The BMB approach applied by BASF supports the use of renewable raw materials which leads to savings in fossil resources and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The biomass used requires proof of sustainability in the form of a certificate of a standard recognised by the Renewable Energy Directive. Neopor® Plus BMB granulate is manufactured from biogas extracted from kitchen waste. The biogas used is certified in accordance with the /REDcert/ system.