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Product description:

The Grundfos MAGNA3 circulator pumps are designed for circulating liquids in heating systems, air-conditioning and cooling systems and domestic hot-water systems. However, the pump range can also be used in ground source heat pump systems and solar-heating systems.

The MAGNA3 pump is a centrifugal pump powered by an electrical motor. It has a high-performance neodymium magnet rotor which increases motor efficiency and an insulation shell to reduce heat loss from the cast iron pump housing with threaded connections.

This EPD covers five types of the MAGNA3 pump. These are all the same physical products and 100 % identical in terms of design, dimensions and materials as well as supply chain and manufacturing processes, i.e. all cradle to gate processes (A1-A3). The products are also identical in terms of packaging, distribution, reference service life and end-of-life treatment. The only thing that differentiates the products from each other is the software which controls how the pump operates in the system in which it is installed, making them fit for different applications. Hence, all life cycle modules are identical, except use stage module B6, which will change, as the applied scenarios for electricity consumption changes.

Each type covers 4 different product numbers: PN10 (Int.), PN10 (Germany), PN16 (Int.), PN16 (Germany). They are grouped as shown below. The group reference in the technical data and scenarios refers also to these.

GROUP 1 - MAGNA3 25-40 180 PN10/16:
97924244, 97924623, 97924249, 97924628

GROUP 2 - MAGNA3 25-60 180 PN10/16:
97924245, 97924624, 97924250, 97924629

GROUP 3 - MAGNA3 25-80 180 PN10/16:
97924246, 97924625, 97924251, 97924630

GROUP 4 - MAGNA3 25-100 180 PN10/16:
97924247, 97924626, 97924252, 97924631

GROUP 5 - MAGNA3 25-120 180 PN10/16:
97924248, 97924627, 97924253, 97924632