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Product description:

The product covered by this EPD is 1 kg of preweathered rolled zinc QUARTZ ZINC® and ANTHRA ZINC® in sheets or coils from VMZINC used for building envelope applications (roof, façade or rainwater systems). The preweathered rolled zinc from VMZINC is a copper and titanium zinc alloy in accordance with the /DIN EN 988/, which has received a surface treatment. This alloy contains mainly very high purity zinc in accordance with /DIN EN 1179/ (Grade Z1: 99,995% of purity) with very few alloy components (copper, titanium and aluminium). It has optimal mechanical and physical properties for applications in construction, in particular regarding mechanical resistance and resistance against creep deformation. From an aesthetical point of view, preweathered rolled zinc is less bright and darker than natural rolled zinc.