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Product description:

OGRO Beschlagtechnik GmbH manufactures door and window fittings made of stainless steel or aluminium for the premium real estate market. This Declaration concerns OGRO Premium and CORE door handle fittings in both types of material.




Door handle product features:



The modular system permits flexible combinability of individual components.



The bases ensure reliable transfer of high forces to the door leaf, thereby relieving the fitting and lock. 


Slide bearing

The maintenance-free slide bearing reliably absorbs tilting pressure and traction and relieves the locking mechanism. 


Click & go assembly

Four click elements permit fast assembly as the handle easily clicks into place. The door handles are stationary/pivoted.


Retaining springs

Four retaining springs ensure that the door handles remain horizontal when subject to extensive use. The fittings can be mounted on the right or left.


Extended support cams

Thanks to extended support cams on the thread side, door thickness intervals of min. 15 mm can be covered with a screw/pin combination for full-leaf rosettes and plates.


Screwed through connection

The secure continuous screws (M5) generate a stable connection between rosette or plate pairs in full-leaf doors.



This is a CPR product with hEN/: Directive (EU) No. 305/2011 /CPR/ applies for placing the door handle fitting on the market in the EU/EFTA (with the exception of Switzerland). The product requires a Declaration of Performance taking consideration of the /DIN EN 179 2008/ Locks and fittings standard, and CE marking.

Use is governed by the respective national regulations.