OGRO Beschlagtechnik GmbH
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Product description:

OGRO Beschlagtechnik GmbH manufactures door and window fittings made of aluminium and stainless steel for the premium real estate market. This Declaration concerns OGRO window fittings in both types of material.


OGRO product features:

All of the models selected from the OGRO window handle range are also available as door handles.



Like the door fittings, OGRO window handles have a standardised installation height of 9 mm. Accordingly, they comply with OGRO’s demand for contemporary fittings in premium properties.



  • All OGRO window handles correspond with /DIN 18267/: Window handles and /DIN EN 13126-3/: Building Hardware.
  • OGRO window handles are pre-set at 35 mm by default; for windows in accordance with the standard governing energy-saving windows in line with /EnEV 2009/.
  • Pin protrusion is variable and infinitely adjustable on site from 20 to 40 mm.
  • All window handle models feature a high-quality Satino surface finish. 
  • New stable bearing with extra-long guide
  • Easy and fast assembly as the underside of the window handle module is flat against the profiled or wooden surface.

Use of the product is subject to the respective national specifications at the place of use; in Germany, for example, the /state building codes/ and the technical specifications based on these Guidelines.