British Precast Flooring Federation (PFF)
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Product description:

The product declared in this EPD is 1m length of generic precast concrete T-Beam. The beam is made from precast concrete with prestressed steel reinforcement and when installed is combined with infill blocks to produce a beam and block flooring system. Concrete T-Beams are made of cement, aggregates, steel, water and (if needed) admixtures.

Beams are self-bearing and blocks are non-resisting or semi‐resisting. Infill blocks may be standard walling blocks to /BS EN 771/ or purpose made flooring infill blocks. Blocks should be transverse load tested and capable of sustaining a central point load of 3.5kN.

The values given in this EPD do not include the infill blocks

Spans of up to 8m can be achieved depending on loading conditions. Manufacturers should be consulted for full information and design services.

The T-Beam used in this EPD has been given a specific set of dimensions and associated mass for the purpose of determining potential carbonation of the concrete through exposed surface area. Typically, beam depths may be 150mm, 175mm or 225mm. Beam weights are typically 35kg/m for 150mm deep beams.