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Register of Associations: VR 32859 B Charlottenburg
Chairman of the Board: Dipl.-Ing. Hans Peters
Deputy Chairman of the Board: Dr. Roman Rupp
President: Prof. Dr. Horst Bossenmayer
Responsible for content in accordance with § 55 section 2 of the German Broadcasting Contract (RStV): Dr. Ing. Burkhart Lehmann

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Copyright and liability for links

We exclude all liability especially for any damage or consequences arising from use of content depicted on this server. No liability will be accepted for the completeness or correctness of data depicted. Nor can any liability be accepted to the effect that this data is unencumbered by third-party rights.
We do not have any influence on the content of external Web sites. Hyperlinks originating on this Web site have been generated after viewing the linked sites. Nevertheless, Web sites are subject to frequent modifications. If therefore an external link does not work or does not lead to the specified goal, please let us know – we will be delighted to correct any errors. If you have any reason for objections concerning content on a linked site, please contact the operator of the respective site.
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Data protection

We take the protection of personal data very seriously and would like you to be able to feel safe when visiting our sites. We process personal data collated upon visiting our Web sites in accordance with the statutory specifications, and the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG) and the Tele media Act (TMG) in particular.

How do we process personal data?

At certain points of our Web site, we offer you the possibility to contact us or avail of certain services (e.g. Newsletter subscription). We only use personal data communicated for the designated purpose assigned to us by you. Your data is not passed on to any third parties.

What is personal data?

Personal data is any information making it possible to identify a person. This includes in particular your proper name, address and telephone number. Information which is not directly linked with your true identity (e.g. favourite Web sites or number of users of a site) is not personal data. (Please see below: “Is my data recorded when I visit the site?”)

What data is requested?

In so far as it is possible to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses) within the Internet offering, the user expressly discloses this data on a voluntary basis. Where technically possible and reasonable, availing of all services offered is also permitted without disclosing such data or by entering anonymised data or a pseudonym. Correct entry of optional data however enables us to provide you with personal and individual support.

Is the confidentiality of e-mail correspondence / contact forms guaranteed?

If you wish to contact us by e-mail or contact form, we draw your attention to the fact that we may not be able to guarantee confidentiality of the information communicated. The content of e-mails can be viewed by third parties. We therefore recommend that you send us confidential information by post only.

Is my data recorded when I visit the site?

Every time a user accesses a site in our Web offering and each time a file is queried, access data on this process is saved in a log file on our server:

  • IP address
  • Site from which the file was requested
  • Date and time
  • Browser type and browser settings
  • Operating system
  • The site visited by you
  • Data volume transferred
  • Access status (file transferred, file not found etc.)

This data is used to generate statistics which help us to further adapt our Web site to your requirements. Reference to a person can only be derived from this information if you register directly on our site or access our site from a personalised site. In any case, data or excerpts thereof are not passed on to third parties.

Do you use cookies?

We rely on session cookies on our Web site. Data is not saved permanently. The use of cookies restricted in terms of time offers you the advantage that you do not have to enter your personal data every time you complete various forms on our Web site. The cookies are however automatically deleted when the browser is closed.

Most browsers are set in such a way that they automatically accept cookies. You can however deactivate the saving of cookies or set your browser in such a way that it notifies you as soon as cookies are sent.

If you have deactivated cookies, a so-called session ID serves towards identifying a person during continuous access to our Web site. No data is saved on your computer. The session ID is deleted again after your access has ended.

Do I have any influence on how my data is used?

It goes without saying that you have the sole right to decide whether and for what purpose we may use your data. For example, you have the possibility to subscribe to a Newsletter which you can also cancel at any time. As a general rule, there is a link at the end of the Newsletter enabling you to cancel it without any problems. Furthermore, you alone decide whether we may use your data for the purposes of consulting, advertising and market research. Here too, you can revoke any permission provided at any time.

Do you pass my data on to third parties?

We only use personal data for internal purposes within the framework of customer relations. Your data is not passed on to third parties without your requisite permission. Surveys collating personal data as well as transmission thereof to state institutions and authorities entitled to obtain information only occur within the framework of the relevant legislation and/or in so far as we are obliged to act accordingly following court decisions. We have committed all of our employees and service companies to discretion and adherence to the specifications governing data protection.

How can I check, revise or delete my data?

In accordance with § 34 and § 6b of the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG), users have the right to receive information on personal data stored on them – free of charge and upon application. Furthermore, statutory specifications also confer on users the right to revise, block and delete this personal data. In each of these cases, please contact us directly.

Is this Data Protection Declaration updated?

If necessitated by current developments such as updating of the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG), we will update this Data Protection Declaration where necessary.

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